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The first TT-in-one is in operation – change over effort aimed at Zero!


News from our first TT in one system. The commissioning of the TT-in-one is completed, the machine has been running for several months to the satisfaction of our Danish customer, company Staal & Plast, 5740 Ringe, island Fünen. The customer decided on this machine as it offers the utmost flexibility. A machine which can process a large number of different component sizes was required for the production of planting tables for nurseries. Due to the different international standards, the table moulds are similar, however very different in their exact measurements.


The customer counted approximately 300 different outer component measurements in his range. Furthermore, two sheets were to be processed simultaneously. The flexibility of the TT-in-one convinced the customer. Special combination tools for the vacuum forming moulds were developed to fulfil the task. In addition to that, a combination tool was needed which also functions as a universal trimming jig. Only the deep draw tool needs to be changed during change over.


The two transfer machines as well as the turn over machine were constructed in such a way that merely program changes on the CNC trimming machine are needed – therefore, no change over effort exists!


The success of the actual equipment confirms to our company how advanced the idea of the TT-in-one machine actually is. Due to its flexibility, it can even be equipped further – a new idea is already starting to form: For example, the combination of our tool change wagon which would completely automate the change over process for the complete system!



Hennig Sörensen, CEO of Staal & Plast

Our Customer's Feedback:


Mr. Hennig Sörensen, CEO of Stal & Plast A/S:"Our range comprises planting tables for greenhouses of big dimensions. We wanted these planting tables – made of plastic that beats metal in this area of application – in a size that worldwide was not available; 6250 x 1800 mm. We were planning to buy the vacuum forming machine from GEISS and to care for the automation ourselves. But the offer of GEISS company surpassed all of our expectations anent price and technics. Hence we handed the complete project over to GEISS. We trusted that GEISS would find a solution. The result after six months proofs that our decision was right!

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