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Class A shaped parts are increasingly required to have clean room quality. We have conducted tests in this direction.


Experimental set-up on a DU 2500 x 1500 T8

      Experimental set-up on a DU 2500 x 1500 T8



The results are very positive. The measurements show that a clean room enclosure, along with a very careful preparation, can reduce the number of particles suspended in the air within the cabin by  99.75%!


This is based on an additional set-up on a standard machine.


Our new option 91. comprises all known and tested modifications which seem to be necessary to meet clean room requirements. These are in detail:  

  • all moving and parts running on to one another are unpainted and preserved,
  • all components near the forming station are unpainted or made of aluminium,
  • the complete wiring in the machine within the high-temperature range is teflon,
  • all of the cabling is washed prior to installation,
  • the sub-assemblies are washed several times during assembly,
  • the footboard on the machine door is not rubber lined, but channelled steel plate,
  • the machine table is of aluminium,
  • interior lighting of the inn inner machine box to ensure good illumination for cleaning jobs,
  • pre-blow and support air is directly led into the machine box; this eliminates air blasts towards the machine table,
  • avoidance or covering up of open top  structural sections,
  • replacement of  toothed belts in clamp frame with smooth rails.
Air deflector of a motor-bilke

It is beyond any doubt that risks will still remain, however clean the working process may be; even special paints can flake off or sheet can rust (particularly in case of frequent wet cleaning). It is therefore not possible to grant a lifetime guarantee for the machine! Option 92. is therefore extended beyond the points mentioned and we built the complete system in stainless steel.

All the other points will remain unchanged with this option also as listed above with exception of the paint.


With this, we are confident, that we can fully meet the requirement for "Class A surfaces".

more about processing of formed parts for Class A

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