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Excerpt from the Siemens in-house publication "SE intern", issue 2 | June 2003:


With user-specific products by A&D SE ES to world market leader


In February 2003,  A&D SE ES supplied to the Geiss company the 100,000st channel for heating controls. That called for a celebration! The celebration took place in Sesslach at the Geiss company. Taking part were Mr.  Jakob Einwag, sales engineer of ZN Bayreuth, Wolfgang Zapf of A&D MC PM1, Bernhard Schmidt and Werner Volland, both of A&D SE ES1.


Mr. Jakob Einwag presenting the 100.000st channel to Mr. Manfred Geiss

        Mr. Jakob Einwag presenting the 100,000st channel
                             to Mr. Manfred Geiss


The Geiss AG is world market leader for thermoforming machines for thermoplastics. These machines are used for example to manufacture surfboards, refrigerator inner linings, hard-sided cases or dashboard panels for the vehicle industry.


GEISS TT-in-one


The biggest yet vacuum forming machine made by Geiss with an overall length of 32 m. Vacuum forming is now fully automated including depositing of the trimmed moulding onto the extended loading and unloading wagon of the sheet loader. This line can process plastic sheet up to a size of 6.35 m x 1.80 m.




How does the heating control by A&D SE ES come in on it?


In vacuum forming or  thermoforming machines, plastic sheets  are heated by heating elements and then drawn into a metal mould under partial vacuum. This is also called "deep drawing". The plastic sheets are heated by up to 1316 single elements, so-called flash elements of 350 W each, to a temperature between 80 and 200 °C, depending on the type of plastic. The 1316 elements are arranged in two heater banks of 658 elements each (top and bottom heater).


The heating control by A&D SE allows to control the elements in the heater bank exactly as required by the material and the contour of the workpiece. Various diagnostic functions help detect and signal errors in the system, such as an element failure. The communication to the upstream automation system SIMATIC-S7 is via PROFIBUS-DP. To visualize the data, an HMI operator panel or a PC670 is used with an ActiveX visualization tool specially tuned to the thermoforming process and which is integrated into ProToolPro and has been developed by MC PM1.


The  heating control was developed in 1994 by A&D SE ES jointly with the ZN Bayreuth in close cooperation with the Geiss company.


GEISS heating control


The Geiss heating control by A&D SE ES: Subassembly carrier equipped with 12 power outputs (16 channels each). Each channel can output a power of 1000 W at 230 V. The data are processed by a CPU fitted on the rear of the subassembly carrier.




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