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The basic equipment of our CNC trimming machines includes the following elements:

Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line with Sinamics S120 drive System, NCU710, Safety Integrated and new HMI-Software Operate. In the dual channel set up of this controller permits the use of Safety Integrated Siemens securiy technology which is based on software only, without any additional mechanical safety relays. The advantage for the user is the comfortable operating of the machine and the increased level of security to both the machine and operator. The reaction times that guarantee the Safety Integration in case of an error are not achievable with a mechanical system. Due to safety Integration it is possible to safely (category 3) monitor speeds and positions.

The axes drives are equipped with optical high precision encoders in combination with this controller.

Overview about available languages
The complete Sinumerik documentation, including all             programming and operation guides in different languages can be found here.

Control components and interfaces:
- Flat screen OP 012 with 12,1" TFT-Colour display


- Interfaces: 4 x USB

- Ethernet Network connection on board 10/100 Mbit/s
Please note: The network connection can only be accessed by a network administrator.

- Comfortable programming language editor according to DIN 66025 with comprehensive language elements

- Circle centre point programming

- Radii programming
- Circle programming via 3 points

- Comprehensive parameter technology
- Writing of programmes parallel during processing
- Move to reference point via program

- Acceleration with soft-start feature

- Programmable acceleration

- Programming of sub-routines and macros

- 2D+n screw line interpolation

- Inserting rounded lines

- Basic concept of various arbitrary transforming, rotating, scaling and mirror imaging of programmes and program sections free in space (coordination transformation)

- 5 axis processing package, 5 axis tool length correction, orientated tool retraction (via TOFRAME), RTCP (TRAORI)
- Dialogue guided programming with graphic contour setting, technology storage, application pictures and simulation
- Correction of tool radii and length
- Simulation.


The programmes of all GEISS machines are compatible with the latest models, which means that every new machine can carry on working with the existing programmes.


Orthogonal trimming head

The machine is equipped with a GEISS spindle which has proven its reliability over many years. Both ends of the axes protrude which permits independent operation with two different tools. The spindle power is 6 kW, the tool is clamped in an ER 16 collect chuck. The spindle runs on sealed ceramic bearings which are lubricated for life. This spindle carries guarantee of 1.000 operating hours against wear and tear – excluding operator errors. The speeds are freely programmable up to 30.000 rpm via CNC program.


This machine requires an external cooling unit with capacities as offered under Option 1).

Also included in the standard equipment:

  • Complete vacuum equipment consisting of a vacuum pump 100 cbm/h with vacuum valve, release valve and a pressure switch,
  • closed safety cabinet with security locked sliding doors comprising PET or PC windows,
  • processing of large CNC programmes from an external disc drive
  • Look-ahead function for automatic recognition of points of discontinuity at the trimming contour. Automatic calculation and adjustment of the optimum feed rates over several CNC blocks,
  • Data compressor for 5 axis operation. The data compressor combines a sequence of G1 blocks in accordance to an adjustable range of tolerance and converts this contour section into a spline. The smooth curves lead to a more steady movement without acceleration jumps and therefor to a better surface and shorter cycle times.
  • The standard machine colour is light grey, RAL 7035 with movable parts in signal-yellow RAL 1003 and doors being painted in gentian blue, RAL 5010,
  • machine documents stored at CD, inclusive programming and operator manual.


The machine is equipped with an open machine table. The open table bars are spaced at 500 mm inside the machine housing on which the jig can be placed. Each bar features a row of D10 drill holes alternated with thread holes M12 spaced at 50 mm to secure the jig to. These grids have always been used on all GEISS machines from the very beginning. Swarf can freely fall through these table bars. The machine has enough floor space underneath for a swarf tray (Option 10.7)) or a swarf extraction unit (Option 10.8)) should this be required. The height of the table is 550 mm.

All machines are measured with a laser informeter in X and Y axis to compensate the ball screw pitch errors. In 3 axis operation the machine achieves a position accuracy of IT6 as per DIN 7151. In 5 axis operation IT8 is achieved. Increased quality can be achieved by utilising glass encoders and linear motors (Option 4)) and complete error compensation of any machine planes (Option17.6)).

The machines could be purchased as complete equipped CNC trimming machine FZ (NCU710) or as designed as CNC 10 trimming machine with optimized reinforced machine structure.

The machine doors are designed so that the machines can be loaded unimpeded with a crane.

The Y-axes are completely protected by bellows as well like the ball screw of Z-axis.

The maximum axes feed rates in X and Y are 84 m/min.

The machines are equipped with a 15" widescreen multi-touch flat screen in format 16:9; operating software: Sinumerik Operate 4.8 with side screen.

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