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Trimming machines
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For the subsequent processing of plastics, company GEISS offer:


·          Trimming machines with 3, 4 and 5 axes,

·          Ultrasonic cutting plants with 4 to 6 axes,

·          Laser cutting units.



GEISS Trimming machine with trimming spindle CLASSIC 126




assembly hall of GEISS Trimming machines

The machines, all of them developed and built by GEISS, are worldwide market leaders with regard to technology, quality and performance. They are designed in accordance with the parametric principle: all machines can be exactly adapted to your special requirements.


Depending on requirements, the GEISS Trimming machines are available in any nominal size and different versions. The smallest machine size provides the same productivity and rigidity as the big ones. The nominal size is equal to the block size trimmed with 5 axes in all maschines. The machine size 2000 x 1000 mm is the most built standard size.

The customers of GEISS can be assured that all programs are interchangeable and compatible to enable transfer to newer control systems among all machine sizes.

Areas of application:

       ·          thermoplastics,

·          glass and carbon fiber reinforced duroplastics,

·          vompression moulded parts of GMT and SMC,

·          moulded parts of foam, leather and a substrate in sandwich construction,

·          wooden panelling,

·          shaped plywood parts,

·          honeycomb lightweight materials,

·          blow moulded parts,

·          pattern making foams in tool making and prototyping. 


Technical details      
Unit / Type   FZ 1000 x  600 FZ 2000 x 1000
max. size of formed part mm 1000 x  600 2000 x 1000
traverse mm 1400 x 1000 2400 x 1400
rotational C axis ° 520 520
swivelling B axis ° 285 285
fast speed X mm/min 46875 46875
with ball screw drives      
fast speec Y mm/min 40909 40909
with ball screw drives      
fast speed X/Y mm/min 120000 120000
with linear motor drives      
fast speed Z mm/min 60000 60000
fast speed B °/min 14275 14275
fast speed C °/min 21600 21600
acceleration mm/s² 1200 1200
with ball screw drives      
acceleration mm/s² 10000 10000
with linear motor drives      








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