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CNC trimming machines Type FZ-ECO Plus: The reformed and newest generation of CNC machines from GEISS AG.

The advantages of the CNC path control, the rigid portal design and the high flexibility helped our CNC trimming machines achieve a rapid success.
The machines, constructed by our parametric design concept, are available in numerous variations to achieve optimum performance for the user. Over 600 machines supplied illustrate productivity in the most challenging conditions. The machines offer highliy dynamic, fast feed rates and guarantee the shortest cycle times, highest productivity and lowest cost per product.

With linear motors the machine achieves speeds of up to 180 m/min and acceleration rates of up to 15 m/s². The lead screw drive included in the basic machine achieves speeds of up to 75 m/min and acceleration of up to 7 m/s².
In our portfolio we offer trimming spindles with gradual increases in power and numbers of revolutions that allow the machine to adapt to the customers specific applications.

The construction principle of the machine with the fixed machine table and a movable portal guarantees highest stability and minimal floor space.
Sophisticated extraction systems for swarf and dust minimise the requirement for cleaning, implications to the user and environment.
The machine can be equipped with motorised front doors for laoding, a centre screen for dual (equal) working areas, as well as alternating tables that drive out of the front out of the machine, shuttle tables which drive sideways out of the machine or rotating tables.

The parametric concept allows the customer to choose a machine that best suits their products an processing requirements. The precisely calculated machine size guarantees minimal floor space is required and reduces the necessary costs. The concept also guarantees the customer the ongoing availability of spare parts as most machine parts are manufactured in house.

Machines can be manufactured in any format from the size of 1000 x  600 x  310 mm. As the lead screw ball nut is driven on a rigid spindle, large axis paths can be run without problems and without reducing speed. The limit of this drive technology on the axis paths is approximately 6 m. Beyond that the linear motors can offer a axis path of up to 32 m.

The nominal size of the machine describes the largest 5 axis working area/block with a tool length of 40 mm. To enable this, the axis path of the machine in X and Y is 400 mm and 200 mm larger/bigger than the machine size stipulated.





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