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After the first years of mould and model making, the GEISS company started  in 1955 to build thermoforming machines which already then were supplied all over the world, for example to Mexico, Africa and Ecuador.

 Thermoforming machine series T

Thermoforming machine new series T10
The spotlight is on the new T10, presently the most productive GEISS thermoforming machine, sporting significantly reduced cycle times and a compact design.

The applications of GEISS thermoforming machines are countless and range from sanitary ware, automotive industry and their suppliers via fridge manufacturers, caravans and motor sport, domelights up to displays and advertising articles.


Operating worldwide, these plants produce pallets, tanks, surfboards, refrigerators, shower trays, bath tubs, domelights, luminous advertising elements, seat trays, toilet seats, suitcases, spoilers, torso models, displays, advertising mirrors, decorating articles, casings, linings, covers and others in a wide variety of sizes, colours and designs.


Based on progressive ideas the continuous rise of the GEISS company can be traced back over decades. Essential ideas which influenced the progress of vacuum forming technology had been invented and developed by the founder Georg Geiss. Developments achieved under his direction:


·          the first flat-design 
 vacuum forming

·          the first bottom heater
 of a vacuum forming machine,

·          the first stepless control of heating elements,

·          the first electronic machine control,

·          the first clamping frame adjustable in both axes.


Here are the patents of major importance:


·          Quick too clamping system  (application May 1984),

·          Process for digital power control and monitoring of heaterbanks
 and device for the working of the process (application June

·          Vacuum forming machine for simultaneous forming and bonding
 of two plastic sheets; the so-called Twin-Sheet Process
 (application renewed June 1993; complementing the patent
 "Device for the manufacture of double-walled containers" of

·          Two-axes window plate adjustment  (application July 1994),

·          Plant for the manufacture and finishing of plastic parts  (our so-
 called TT-in-one series) (application February 1995),

·          Two-axes motorized clamping frame (application April 1996),

·          Tool change wagon (application October 1999),

·          Process and device for changing a mould and for insertion of a
 stock pallet into a vacuum forming machine (retooling device)
 (application February 2001).


Today, over 1.600 GEISS thermoforming machines in various sizes and specifications are operating successfully all over the world!


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