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The GEISS AG product range includes 2 GEISS machinesmachines for forming and processing composites as well.


Our 50 years of experience in thermoforming machines in heating of plastics and automation systems have been used to develop our machines into forming presses for any type of composite.

 GEISS Twin-sheet-machine

Composites contain thermoplasts that have to be heated before forming. In this case we use intelligent heater controllers for quartz radiators and halogen radiators in order to achieve optimum processing temperatures.


GEISS Thermoforming machine T series
Forming takes place using the two machine
 tables, which have clamping force of 200 kN to 2000 kN as standard. Here too, we take advantage of our many years of experience in the manufacture of twin-sheet parts.



The machines operate as

Fully automatic GEISS machine

semiautomatic machines with

manual insertion. Automation options are also available for making the machines fully automatic. The blanks are inserted using suction cups or grippers, and the moulded parts can be removed automatically.

GEISS Thermoformmaschine der neuen Baureihe T10


GEISS machine with swarf transport belt

Our 5-axis CNC milling machines are used to process thermoplasts and also fibre-reinforced materials. Almost 650 delivered machines are evidence of our knowledge of many usage areas. Enclosures, filtering systems, chip conveyors and chip extractors are used where problematic, damaging or dangerous dust occurs.


GEISS Ultrasound cutting machine





Supplementary developments for cutting using ultrasound-impinged blades have been used for years for thin materials or for weakening invisible airbags in instrument panels. 65 of these systems are in use in the automotive industry.

 Cutting jig dashboard


processing of lightweight construction

materials (e.g. honeycomb) requires special sonotrodes. Machines like this are in use in the aircraft industry.


Swarf extraction




Supplementary developments with lasers up to 1.5 kW make it possible to cut and also polish the edges if the material permits it. 


Our tool and mould construction area has been in existence since 1948, allowing us to supply turnkey solutions worldwide. This makes it possible for the customer to purchase finished moulded parts from a single contractual partner!


Everything is manufactured under one roof in Germany. Geiss manufactures using state-of-the-art machinery, and everything is built in-house. Our capacity allows us to construct more than 120 machines per annum. Parametric construction makes it possible for these machines to be built in any size and with any equipment with a high degree of automation, i.e. fault-free and on time!

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