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26) Motorised, remote control position.

This option must be considered in connection with option 27..

This option is available in different variations. Basically it means that any setting or position cannot be modified or adjusted manually (which is standard) but remotely controlled via motorised adjustments. In short, it is no longer necessary to climb into the machine. However this option does not include the automatic approach of settings or positions. Option 27. extends beyond, the options selected are programmable and can be automatically approached and stored. Option 26. is therefore to be considered as the simple variation (hardware solution) and option 27. as the automatic variation (complete hardware and software solution).

This option was also the historically earlier option and our test case as to what is desired and possible of being remotely controlled. Generally, any manipulation in retooling can be remotely controlled and the list of realised "axes" is today correspondingly long. The choice of the positions or settings to be selected can be individually combined. The complete list of currently available so-called "axes" is given in option 27.

It is also possible to order a mix of options 26. and 27.. Here is an example:

A customer requests to be able to set the plug assist stops without climbing onto the machine. However option 27. with full programmability is too expensive for him, since only 15% of the formed parts are processed with the plug assist. Option 26. is the right choice here.

However the setting of the height of the pre-blowing photocell is very important to him, since the manual setting was always done in a slipshod way. Option 27. is the better choice here! 

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