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27) Alternatively, any set up position can additionally be programmed,
automatically driven and stored. Available adjustment for positions          Option 26) and Option 27) see here.

Programmable axes are necessary to obtain a machine with automatic retooling!

All settings and positions that you choose as programmable axes can first be programmed when starting up a product.

If the setting turns out not to be optimal, it can be modified closely stepped as often as may be necessary. As soon as the value appears to be optimal, it can be stored on different medias along with all the other parameters of the formed part. All these settings are thereby saved (often enough they had been painstakingly developed).

When this program is called up again, all values of all these programmable axes are automatically executed by the control one after the other!

A high-performance development by means of the S7 control and control components especially and exclusively developed for us.

The following functions are available as individual axis (the list can be extended still further):

  • material thickness regarding checking device (in connection with Option 66.)
  • top heater lift (in connection with TWINSHEET Option 32)) of lifting of top heater Option 44))
  • sheet loader side limits
  • sheet loader rear wall and adjuster
  • sheet loader lift conveyor table (in connection with Option. 68. ff)
  • photocell pre-blow (in connection with Option 2.)
  • photocell formed part taken up (in connection with Option 61))
  • transport path of automatic cross cutter (in connection with Option 53))
  • foil width at feed-entry (in connection with Option 53))
  • foil width at take off roller (in connection with Option 51))
  • position of cooling fan; each 2 fans
  • position of digital radiation pyrometer, built in the top heater (in connection with Option 4.1)).


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