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The following basic equipment makes the machine series T superior in comparison:

a) Top heater equipped with "FAST" type quartz elements, heater element size 250 x 63 mm; output 485 watts.

b) Separately operated bottom heater with same quantity of elements as top heater. Covered by glass ceramic plate.

c) Both heaters can be moved out on self-supporting linear guides. Power setting of each individual element of both heater areas including function control. Furthermore, analogue view of total heating picture as multi-colour picture according GEISS-Patent.

d) Both heater banks are equipped with servo motorised drive.

e) All other movements are motorised driven.

f) Solid constructed clamp frame with infinitely variable reduction bar system, operated vertically. An even Distribution of clamping force is ensured and Setting for material thickness is not necessary. Clamp frame adjustable steplessly in both axis without any additional parts. Any clamp frame lifting position is programmable and storable.

Operating side of machine is secured with a light barrier with automatic self-monitoring system.

h) Hinged front door for easy tool change.

i) New machine control Simatic S7 with decentralised connection of all attached assembly groups via bussystem Profinet. All operations, displays and controls via a single operator screen, through a Siemens IFP 1500/Touchscreen panel on a right/left sliding freely swinging console. 

j) Complete vacuum system consisting of vacuum vessel, vacuum pump(s) 100 m³/h and automatic control of oil level and filter condition including connection to operating control.

k) Fan cooling through 4 fans with 26 cbm/min each, 700 watts.

l) Fans have a water mist injection system fitted within the air stream. Centralised water connection for all machine parts required.

m) Automatic sheet sag control of foil during heating time via laser photocell.

n) For manual mould change over with trolley, the machine has been equipped with appropriate spacing in base plate.

o) Automatic vacuum pump switching from vessel to pump.

p) Automatic air release prior de-moulding.

q) The standard machine colour is light grey RAL 7035, gentian blue RAL 5010 and black grey 7021 with important machine parts being painted in signal yellow RAL 1003

r) Vacuum pump fitted to slider.

We want to point out that a GEISS thermofoming machine just in its basic configuration is a completely equippped semi-automatic and fully operative production machine that can process any thermoplastic of any thickness.



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