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10.1) Swarf extraction on machine table or on trimming jig with an under pressure of 2.060 mm water column (197 hPa), integrated into machine control. Dust filters category M, suction connection: 70 mm; output: 2.2 kW, volume: 270 m³/h.

During the trimming process generally a large amount of swarf is created which requires disposing of.  The best way to remove the swarf is directly at the source during the trimming operation.  During the 5 axis trimming process and the trimming of complex items, swarf removal direct at the spindle tip, due to restrictions with wiring and spindle access, is seldom possible.

Our company founder Georg GEISS found the solution to this problem several years ago during the reworking of deep draw products:

When the products are trimmed with a left hand helix cutter but trimmed with a right hand flute, the swarf is guided towards the tip of the cutter and can be removed/extracted through the slots in the tool holder/collet.

Small swarf extraction and removal funnel

The complete equipment consists of a fan/blower unit and filter with a plastic bag that hangs below and through gravity the swarf falls into a dust bin where it is collected.  The machine is also equipped with pneumatic pushing slidegate valves to shut off the extraction pipes.  The pushers (slidegate valves) are operated through the NC programme.  On machines where the swarf funnel is located to the rear of a hand pusher/slide is also fitted to the extraction unit.  The smaller swarf extraction as per this option has a power output of 15 kW and a suction/extraction volume of 2.300 m³/h.

Swarf extraction with double swarf bag

The larger extraction unit as per option 4) has a power output of 5,5 kW and a suction/extraction volume of 5.000 m³/h. The diameter of the suction pipe is 120 mm.

On some applications swarf could also be extracted directly from the spindle.  In these cases a suction nozzle, that has been designed for a specific work piece, would be fitted to the trimming spindle with a quick tool clamp system.  The swarf removal is set with optimal  pressure and extraction volume relevant to the individual application.

The swarf removal system is also useful for clamping/holding of air-permeable products which cannot be held by vacuum as well as very thin walled products such as fridge containers of which a vacuum pump suction would also fail as seals cannot be inserted into the tool holder/collett.

Both swarf removal systems are completely connected to the machine with pipes and removal funnels and their function integrated into the control.


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