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11.1) Additional vacuum circuit, consisting of 1" vacuum valve. Release valve, pressure switch and return valve for uncoupling from other vacuum circuits.

additional vacuum circuitThe basic equipment of every machine already includes the complete vacuum equipment for suction and clamping of the components. The basic vacuum equipment consists of a vacuum pump with a delivery volume of

100 m³/h, a vacuum valve, a release valve and a pressure switch. The cross section of the vacuum tubing is 1". The vacuum valve and the release valve can be opened and closed via M command from the NC program. If the vacuum equipment is not needed, for example in model making, the price of the machine will be reduced.

If several workpieces are to be clamped simultaneously on the machine table, the machine can be equipped with any number of additional vacuum circuits according to this Option.

Machines with 2 stations (machines with centre screen, rotary table, shuttle table or change table require at least 2 vacuum circuits.

In this case the vacuum circuits are uncoupled by backflow valves so that the vacuum will not collapse comes off or is not properly seated).

Second vacuum pump

In some cases, in particular for large parts, parts with poor dimensional accuracy or parts which on no conditions may come off, a second vacuum pump according to Option 20. can be provided so that each vacuum circuit has its own vacuum pump.

The release valve serves to blow air into the milling jig after the vacuum has been shut off.

The set screw on the pressure switch serves to adjust the minimum vacuum. If the preset vacuum is not attained during processing, a feed stop is released along with an alarm.

Thereby the program cannot be started if the workpiece has not been sucked properly.  

It is often necessary to record and log the setting values and the actual values of the vacuum pressure during operation. With this option,  instead of the pressure switches, the machine will be equipped with the analog pressure transducer with a signal 4 to 20 mA Signal. 

An analog input module and an appropriate software in the control ensure that the set point for the vacuum pressure can be set digitally via a parameter and that the minimum and maximum pressure can be recorded during processing.

If the vacuum equipment is not required, e.g. in model making, the basic machine price is reduced.






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