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13.1) Measuring probe fixed on machine frame inclusive interface to machine control.

Software for automatic measuring and compensating of machine axes of the trimming head. The program precisely corrects all possible errors of the trimming head automatically. It can also be utilised to calibrate the machine after repair work or as proof of machine accuracy. Software for automatic measuring of tool length. A measuring pin for the trimming spindle is included.

For machines with automatic tool changer this option comprises in addition a tool holder for the measuring probe and a subroutine for automatic calibration of the tool positions in the tool changer.

In some applications the machine is used to take measurements and evaluate them. Measuring instruments firmly mounted on the machine can measure tools and also the machine itself. Measuring instruments mounted on the Z-axis of the machine can capture coordinates on workpieces or workpiece holding fixtures.  

Switching measuring sensors are approached via NC program. On a straight line a fictitious position behind the test object is approached. The MEAS command in this program record causes the control to stop the travel movement immediately when the measuring sensor is actuated and the current position of the machine is logged with high precision. The machine then returns to the starting position of the travel record. The measuring result can then be logged and further processed.

For example, the current measuring result can be compared with a set value in order to correct the zero point shift or tools. To simplify programming, parametric subroutines in X, Y and Z direction are provided.

The fixed measuring sensor is mounted on a free spot within the machine so that he can be approached with the machine or with the tool. The measuring sensor can be used to determine and correct tool length after tool change, to determine tool wear or to check for tool breakage.

In high-precision applications with very close tolerances the measuring sensor can be used in addition as a fixed reference point to calibrate the machine coordinate system, for example to compensate heat dilatation of the machine.

Most frequently the measuring sensor is used to measure the machine axes and to compensate machine errors with the function generic transformation. The generic transformation permits the compensation of all machine errors of the gimbal head. 

Using a highly complex correction program developed by GEISS and supplied along with the measuring sensor, the  direction vectors of the axes and their spatial position to each other are determined and entered into the machine data. The function generic transformation ensures that the tool tip maintains its position in the machine coordinate system with absolute accuracy regardless of the motion of the rotary axes. This program permits recalibration of the machine at any time. This may become necessary for example after a crash or simply to proof the accuracy of the machine for quality assurance purposes. 

Heidenhain measuring sensor TT-130

We use two different measuring sensors according to application. The measuring sensor TT-130 is used to measure milling cutters or to measure and correct the machine axes. 

Renishaw measuring sensor MP11



The measuring sensor MP11 is used to measure the highly sensitive tips of the knives in ultrasonic cutting or cold knife cutting.  





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