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13.2) Measuring probe for automatic measuring of co-ordinates of work piece and holding fixture

Measuring sensor on a movable slide

This measuring probe is fitted to a slide rail on the Z axis. The necessary sub-programmes for the measuring of co-ordinates in X, Y and Z direction are included.

In this Option the slide with the measuring sensor can be moved up and down in the program via M command. This measuring sensor permits the measurement of coordinates on the workpiece in order to log the measured results. The milling machine can thus be used like a measuring machine.

The measured results can also be used to determine the shrinkage of deep-drawn parts, for example to calculate a scale factor for the NC program.

The measuring sensor can be used to fix a temporary tool zero point, for example when a bore must always have an exact distance to an edge and when the position of the edge itself may vary from part to part.

In high-precision applications such as weakening of slush skins for invisible airbags, where machine tolerances of +/- 0.02mm must be lastingly guaranteed (with warm and cold machine), the measuring sensor moves toward three points at the workpiece holding fixture to determine the exact coordinate system for the workpiece. The accurate current zero point shift of the coordinate system is determined and the rotational angles of the workpiece coordinate system with regard to the machine coordinate system are calculated. Via the function frame the coordinate system will then be rotated and shifted accordingly. 

In this way, in high-precision applications, the workpiece holding fixtures can be changed easily since mounting errors are compensated automatically.






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