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14.5) Software CSV – Export for process data documentation. 

CSV-export is software which was developed from Siemens exclusive for GEISS AG. It is special software for the automatic generation of CSV data files at the Sinumerik PCU. With this software it is possible to store any measuring data and operating data in a chat which can be opened with Excel.

Suppliers to the automotive industry, but also others, are ever more frequently faced with the demand to log and document the process data of the manufacture of a part, in particular for safety relevant parts.

In addition to the documentation of the production data, these data also help in tracing errors.

This software permits alls process relevant data measured and acquired during one cycle to be stored in a database.

The data are buffer stored in the machine control and transferred after a predetermined interval or after each cycle to a server via networking. 

To establish a relation between the data block and the component, the machines are mostly equipped with a part identification system, for example by bar code scanner. The bar code serves to read in the identification of the component. 

In addition this option includes a program which can be installed at an external PC for copying these data from the PCU to an external drive. After copying the data the software deletes it automatically from the PCU. 

The following data can for example be recorded

  • component number,
  • date and time,
  • machine operator,
  • current tool data,
  • current setting data such as zero point shifts,
  • measuring data of measuring sensors,
  • measuring data of pressure gauges, e.g. vacuum pressure, temperature measuring values of Pt100 sensors and pyrometers.





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