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18) This package of equipment provides highest performance for high-precision processing of model making materials and aluminium.    

The complete package for model and mould making by GEISS meets all requirements on a perfect CNC trimming system. When putting it together we attached great importance not only to high-performance single components but also to their perfect interaction. The advantages:

  • first-class control:
    Programming can be done in a single plane; cutter radius compensation in space is possible; cutter length compensation is also possible.
  • highest dynamics:
    When processing model surfaces with many changes of direction, the throughput of surfaces is increased by at least 30 % up to 100 %; enormous axis acceleration of  10m/sec.
  • extreme precision:
    Due to linear motors and laser interferometer.

The following Options are included in the package:

GEISS milling machine for model and mould manufacturing

Option 2) Sinumerik 840D Solution Line
Option 3) swivel console
Option 4) linear motors
Option 5.5) Trimming spindle CLASSIC 126
Option 6.6) Orthogonal trimming head and reinforced machine structure
Option 6.6.1) Pneumatic clamping for the B- and C-Axis
Option 6.6.2) Direct measuring systems for the B- and C-Axis
Option 7.1) Tool change station
Option 9.15) Measuring system for compensation of heat expansion of the Z-Axis
Option 13.1) Measuring probe fixed on machine frame
Option 14.1) Spline and data compressor
Option 15.5) Minimum quantity lubrication
Option 17.6) Measuring of machine axis.






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