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2.12) Sinumerik 840 D Solution Line with NCU 730

With this option the machine axes are controlled via the faster controller NCU 730. This guarantees the best performance for the control of the axes and therefore higher precision and smooth running, shorter block cycle times and also shorter trimming times, especially with increased amounts of data. The reachable feed rates on complex spatial curves with short NC blocks are with NCU 730 up to eight times higher than with the NCU 720.


This controller is therefore to be favoured for model fabrication and other high dynamic processes instead of the NCU 720.


The axes drives are equipped with optical high precision encoders in combination with this controller.


In The dual channel set up of this controller permits the use of Safety Integrated Siemens-security technology which is based on software only, without any additional mechanical safety relays. The advantage for the user is the comfortable operating of the machine and the increased level of security to both the machine and operator. The reaction times that guarantee the safety integratation in case of an error are not achievable with a mechanical system. Due to safety integration it is possible to safely (category 3) monitor speeds and positions. Therefore, according to CE regulations, the acceptance key is no longer required as it is for single channel controllers. This is an especial advantage during teaching-in.


This controller is therefore for model fabrication as well as other high dynamic processes or machines with linear motors instead of the NCU 710 respectively NCU 720 to be favoured.


The NCU 730 data storage has a capacity of 3.0 MB.




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