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4) Linear motors.

In connection with the Sinumerik 840D Solution Line (Option 2)) and Safety Integrated, the CNC trimming machine can be equipped with linear synchronised motors. Therefore, the X and Y axis no longer contain any wear and tear parts. The position of the X and Y axis is established with high precision linear measuring. Direct position sensors guarantee a high, consistent accuracy of the machine.

Llinear motors

The use of linear motors is especially reasonable in milling machines where maximum machine speeds are often requested. Actually, with linear motors, the processing times can nearly be cut in half.

Nowadays, linear motors are no longer considered to be the exotic drives they used to be a few years ago only. Modern control technology makes these drives controllable and thanks to the function Safety Integrated
of the Sinumerik, without which we consider the use of linear motors to be irresponsible, these drives are also safe. In case of mains power failure the machine decelerates by using the energy stored at drive units. 

At GEISS, linear motors are used successfully in CNC machines already since 1996. 140 machines with this fascinating technology are already successfully operating. So far, neither during their introduction, nor in their use – 8 years after all - have there been any problems. The basic concept of the GEISS machines with stationary machine table and moving portal proved to be ideal for this drive technology. The secret of success is the reduction of moving masses and the simultaneous increase in rigidity of the machine. 

The direct drive technology applies the power to the movement directly, without previous conversion of a mostly rotary movement. The linear drive supplies the power to the machine slide directly and vibration-free, at highest speed and path accuracy.

Linear motors

The advantages at a glance

  • Extreme dynamic performance with high acceleration and highest travel speed ensure highest productivity,
  • the high productivity reduces the number of machines necessary for production, which easily compensates the higher price for this drive technology,
  • Enormous precision in the processed contour, due to the absence of elastic power transmission elements such as belts, spindles or even racks in the power train,
  • no mechanical power transmission elements in the drive also means: no wear parts, nearly maintenance-free, high reliability and long life.


  • Milling of vacuum formed plastic parts,
  • model making,
  • ultrasonic cutting of materials that cannot be milled.








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