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7.1) Tool change station for 12 tools on the back of the machine, parallel to the X-axis.

Tool change station for 12 tools on the back of the machine, parallel to the X-axis

Tool change is initiated via a simple sub-program. 

The tool change facility is arranged at the back of the machine along the X axis. It is a pick-up station, that is, the moves to the tool changer to change tools, and after the change back to the workpiece

The position of the tool changer at the back of the machine does not restrict the traverse range of the machine.

The tools are protected from swarf and dust in a closed box in a drawer and are only withdrawn by motor for tool change and taken into the traverse range of the machine. 

A tool changer travelling with the machine has been chosen in order to have better access to the machine.

The tool change time of high-frequency spindles is primarily determined by deceleration and acceleration times. Due to the high fast traverse, a travelling tool changer would not save any time. 

The actual tool change time depends on the design and the sensory analysis of the milling spindle used and is between 3 and 5 seconds. Due to deceleration and acceleration times of the spindles, the time between tool clampings, depending on rpm, is therefore between 10 and 15 sec. A further reduction of the change times could be achieved only at the expense of the spindle life.

The tool change is monitored by sensors in the spindle and in the change station.

A menu picture at the control permits to check the inputs of the sensors and thereby the allocation of the change station. The tool change can also be performed manually via softkeys.  

The tool change station can be set up for tool holding fixtures from HSK E-25 to HSK A-63. It is thus suitable for all milling spindles with tool changer according to our Options 18. and  19..





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