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8.2) Machine with side shuttle table

Machine with side shuttle table

Covering the complete working area parallel to the X axis and implemented as an additional NC axis. Secured with light barriers, however, a laser scanner is used on cutting machines for flat components.

This shuttle table is available from a machine width of 800 mm upwards in Y direction.
The shuttle table serves only for the loading of the machine. It remains still during the operating process. Because the table is stationary during operation, the machine dynamic is not influenced negatively, particularly when using heavier work piece fixtures. The guides and drives of the shuttle are protected in the best way possible due to its design and the closed aluminium table plates. The design makes it easy to clean the machine.

A shuttle table allows the build of very compact machines and the processing of larger work pieces in a two station operation. Whereas on machines with centre screen or index shuttle tables, the machine size has to be at least double the size of largest part to be processed, the bed of the standard shuttle version is the same as the dimension of the biggest part.

The shuttle table provides a substantial advantage in comparison to other construction principles for the processing of fibre-reinforced materials is, when the machine has to be completely enclosed. The machine is always completely closed during the operation as no doors are required to be opened during change over of component. As the shuttle table width corresponds to the machine size, the whole axis path cannot be used at 3-axis operation.




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