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8.3) Equipping the machine with a rotary table.

The advantages at a glance

  • Workpieces can be changed while the machine is working,
  • Loading and unloading is at the same position so that the machines can easily be integrated into production lines.
Equipping the machine with a rotary tableEquipping the machine with a rotary table

Owing to these advantages, machines with rotary tables are frequently used in the automotive industry, for example for the processing of dashboards.

However, machines with rotary tables have also a serious drawback. Due to the shape of the table much of the usable machine area is lost.  

The table top does not take up the whole surface of the round table, it is limited to a smaller area to provide easy access for the operator.

The table is integrated into the machine box and must not be assembled separately.

The rotating table is designed as an NC axis with a play free drive. For the user, this has the advantage that the acceleration ramps for the rotary motion can be set optimally according to the weight of the workpiece. The positioning of the round table is extremely accurate. In the two end positions 0° and 180° the round table is pneumatically locked. 

Hoses and cables for the workpiece holding fixture are arranged in a duct in the centre of the round table. To protect the machine also from dust, swarf and noise, a rotary centre screen is provided.  

The centre screen can be fitted with valve blocks for the control of tool functions and coding plugs for the tools.

The danger area of the rotary table is protected by a light barrier as an entry safety device at the front and a safety laser scanner for protection.

Please Note: The working area on rotary table machines may be reduced considerably.









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