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8.5) Front shuttle table for the automatic delivery of the formed part.     

The shuttle table drives out of the front of the machine.  It is equipped as a NC axis and serves only for loading/unloading.

The machine dynamics are in no way influenced negatively by the weight of the table and weight of the workpieces which differentiates it from other construction principles where such tables are used as an axis for processing at the same time. The machine remains extremely compact and easy to clean. The table height is a minimum of 620 mm and a load capacity of 400 kg/m².

Front shuttle table for the automatic delivery of the formed partThe machine is guarded at the front by a roller shutter and by a light barrier around the area of the shuttle tables. Unlike other machine brands, GEISS trimming machines do not use the shuttle tables for processing but for loading and unloading the machine. For processing, all of our machines use a moving portal while the work piece is stationary. The advantage of this system is a substantially reduced space requirement for the machine, lower ever constant moving masses and thereby highest dynamic performance and control accuracy.

For 2-Station-Machines 2 of these tables can be fitted.
The shuttle tables can be linked for processing of larger formed parts. In that operation, the doors are opened for one table to move out for changing over the part while the second table drives in for processing. Following this, the front doors are locked again. A centre screen inside the machine is therefore not required and a smaller machine can be designed. 

For the processing of large mouldings, we recommend our shuttle table. Machines with shuttle table are much more compact in design and take up less space for the same basic machine size; the necessary machine size is but half as for the change table concept with partition wall. The investment cost for machines with shuttle table is therefore usually lower.





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