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8.7) KS-System

The KS system was designed for sanitary products to be processed in any random sequence without the need of change over. It consists of a system of specially designed suction elements. These are equipped with programmable positioning so that baths, shower trays and whirlpools with a flat surface can be clamped without the need for a jig.

The KS system is completely integrated into the machine housing.  Machines with this clamping system are therefore as compact as all other GEISS CNC machines and provide an easy and space saving complete enclosure of the machine. The extraction channels on machines with KS systems are integrated in the front and back wall of the machine housing. They are located precisely at the height of the bath rim so that during trimming, swarf and glass fibre particles can be removed as far as possible. Swarf which could not be removed can fall through the open frame onto an optional swarf transport belt or into a swarf collection tray.

The clamping system itself consists of a fixed and a moveable beam shaped table on which 10 manual adjustable suction elements are attached as standard. The suction cups are adjusted so that every bath length can be clamped. The suction elements are connected individually or in groups to the vacuum valves and are controlled via M-commands.


The movable machine table is equipped as an NC axis so that the corresponding bath tub width can be adjusted via program. A pneumatic driven lifting frame fitted above the suction elements ease the insertion of heavy bath tubs. The frame is lifted for loading so that the bath tub can be pushed into the machine. Stop bars on the frame determine the processing position of the baths. The frame is lowered for processing so the bath tub lies on the suction elements. PE-covers are fixed to the frame profiles to avoid damage to the workpieces during loading. The frame profiles can be adjusted steplessly within the frame.

The KS-System



KS-suction element





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