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8.8) 2. Z axis with B- and C axis.
The second Z axis can be used simultaneously for the processing of two identical parts which doubles the productivity of the machine.

Machine operating system Sinumerik 840 D, (Option 2)) is precondition for this option.

As basic equipment shows, the second Z-axis is equipped with the orthogonal head and the GEISS trimming spindle. The second Z axis can also be equipped with all other heads as listed under Option 5) and other trimming spindles as listed under Option 6).
This option also permits the combination of two different processing heads in one machine.

This equipment allows milling of 2 identical work pieces at one time. The Option with the second Z axis is selected when the batch quantity and the cycle times would otherwise require a second machine which would be much more expensive. 

Please note: The distance between the two Z-axis cannot be changed and must be defined when placing the order.

If the traverse of the machine is to be used optimally for 2 workpieces, the optimum distance for each machine is calculated according to the formula:

  • Distance of Z axes = (((basic size of machine - 460)/2) + 430)

This formula is true for machines with centre screen.

If the machines are equipped with centre screen according to formula:

  • Distance of Z axes = (((basic size of machine - 1770)/4) + 430)

The size of the parts that can be parallel outside contoured in this way is (distance – 430mm).

The traverse of the machine in the X axis is reduced by this distance. In this axis, instead of a GEISS or a CLASSIC milling spindle,  it is possible to install an ultrasound processor or a cold knife. 

Milling machines with 2 Z-axes

The picture shows a machine with 2 Z-axes in operation for the milling of refrigerator bins. The machine has in addition been equipped with linear motors to match the milling cycles to the short cycle times achieved in deep drawing.  

Milling machine with 2 Z-axes and centre screen



The picture shows a machine with 2 Z axes and centre screen for fast processing of small parts in the automotive industry.

Milling machine with 2 Z-axes, milling spindle and ultrasonic cutting head

In this machine the 2 Z axes have been installed as close together as possible. The left-hand Z axis features a milling spindle, the right-hand axis an ultrasonic cutting head.

This combination permits components to be processed in a single clamping when both processes are necessary. Any other combination of machining devices is possible. Please contact us.










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