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Our markets are:
 bus seat

  • all Transport: Bus, rail and trams, aircraft, truck, caravan and camper. In These markets we manufacture, for example, inner and outer linings, light covers, spoilers, seats, sun screens and wind protectors. With CNC machines we re-work parts out of light metal and composites materials, as well as cutting and trimming honeycomb materials and sandwiched components.
  • Automotive Industry: Internal lining, veneered parts, boot linings, ski boxes, wheel trims, roofs, trim and cutting of roof of a tractorsafety break lines for invisible airbags, ultrasonic cutting of carpets.
  • Refrigerators: Inner containers, inner doors, door boxes.
  • Packing Industry: Transport pallets, separators.
  • Medicine Technology: Hot steam sterilised boxes, Cladding and housing for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner.
  • Building Industry: Light coupling, insulation products, under floor heating, wall cladding, wall imitations, bio-reactors, cellar lighttransport palette shoots, guttering and drainpipes, ultrasound cutting machines for PVC and carpet tiles.
  • Sport: Surf boards, wave-riding, Trainer soles and heels, bicycle helmets, ultrasound cutting machines for ski and snowboardmedicine box surfaces.
  • Travel: Hard-Shell suitcases, attachments, Beauty cases.
  • Farming Machines and Caterpillars: Outer lining, Fender, tractor Roofs.
  • Marketing: Street signs, illuminated advertisements, display.
  • Motorbikes: Screens, windscreens, fairings.
  • Lighting Industry: Light covers.windshield
  • Sanitary Industry: Bathtubs and shower trays, shower enclosures, shower screens, spas.
  • Furniture Industry: Cutlery trays, furniture Frames.

light dome

Manufacturing of composites for all markets where it is important to reduce weight.

Please see the following list of companies with whom we have a successful working relationship.


GEISS CNC Trimming machine manufactured to individual comstomer requirements

Manfred Geiss and his daughter Sabine in front of a manufactured CNC Trimming machine, customised to individual customer request

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Le Thermoformage innovant au Service du sur-mesure!
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