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The common background of GEISS and Fliegel


The independent commercial agency Dr. Helmut Fliegel has been in existence since 1953 in Mannheim.

At that time already they represented companies for thermoplastic panels and sheets as well as plastics processing machinery (vacuum forming machines) in Southern Germany and there were also first contacts with the GEISS company since  Dr. Helmut Fliegel was selling deep drawing dies for vacuum forming from GEISS.

10 years later the Fliegel company was changed into a limited partnership.


When the company PlastiPlast Vogt + Hartmann was taken over by the then Maschinenfabrik Georg Geiss in 1967, Dr. Fliegel KG, as former representative of PlastiPlast, complemented the marketing of semi-finished products by taking on the sales of GEISS vacuum forming machines.


This was a further step towards cooperation. In 1968 the Junior, Wolfgang Fliegel, joined the company in 2nd generation. Since Dr. Helmut Fliegel intended to gradually retire from active business, Mr. Wolfgang Fliegel took on the management of the company as personally liable partner.


At the time the first CNC trimming machine was built, which was a good completion to their production range, the GEISS company assigned to Dr. Helmut Fliegel KG the representation area in Southern Bavaria, South of the Danube river.


Finally in 1995 the son of Wolfgang Fliegel, Christian Fliegel, decided to join the Dr. Fliegel KG. Since July 1998 Christian Fliegel is partner of the Dr. Fliegel KG.


In 2003 he took on the management and is thus active for GEISS already in the 3rd generation!

In 2006 Dr. Fliegel KG was awarded the agency areas of Luxemburg and the whole of Bavaria. In 2008 this was extended to the German speaking areas of Switzerland.


Dr. Fliegel KG has successfully concluded the following projects for the GEISS company:


·          1967 - the 1st  T machine,

·          1983 - the 1st hydraulic surfboard plant,

·          1986 - one of the first series of CNC trimming plants,

·          1988 - the first servo machines,

·          1991 - the 1st  thermo-camera,

·          1996 - the 1st vacuum forming plant with stepless adjustable

                     window plate,  

·          1997 - the 1st CNC linear machine with ultrasonic equipment,

·          1999 - the 1st unmanned tool changer,

·          2002 - the 1st  vacuum forming machine for roof modules,  

·          2002 - the 1st  CNC trimming machine with linear synchronous

                     drives in all 5 axes

·          2003 - the 1st  CNC trimming machine type ECO,

·          2004 - the 1st  vacuum forming machine of stainless steel for Class A applications.


We take pride in having that such a highly efficient partner by our side!


Birgit and Wolfgang Fliegel with son Christian






        Birgit and Wolfgang Fliegel with son Christian 

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