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Professional and Technical competence is the key for Geiss AG as a global player in the worldwide market.

Our Engineers, Designers, Developers and Technicians are responsible for the machines; they act as customer advisors and sellers, offering you specialist expertise from a single source.  In addition to professional and technical competence, the multilingual ability of our workforce also plays an important role.

Thanks to the parametric design all machine types are under constant review for development and optimisation processes, meaning you will only receive state of the art equipment. The technologies used with our technical know how make us a global market leader.

Rely on our Know-How!  Whether you require optimisation of your existing production or setting up from new – we will assist you.

During the consultation process we will work on your production requirements together.  Our turn key projects calculate all factors for the best possible solution.  Our Goal: The optimisation of all processes by means of improved production quality and productivity.

Using CAD simulation software we can demonstrate various possibilities.  This enables you to build a picture at an early stage of the advantages and services we can offer.

We then work on the implementation of your order, taking into account all options and quantities, developing a tailor-made production strategy.  The financial viability is calculated, highlighting the cost-benefit ratio.

We offer individual, well founded, technically competent and practical advice.  We are only satisfied when you are satisfied too!

For many years all of our designs have been created inhouse with the use of CAD systems.
Design to us means the use of Parametricity, CAD/CAM Systems and CIM Technologies.
With the help of the most modern systems we ensure our best performance practice in this highly dynamic field.


True to our slogan “one step ahead” you will always be one step ahead with GEISS – not only today but also in the future.  Our machines are equipped with the latest technology and designed in such a way that they can be further optimised in the future.

We offer you a technology that is also based on flexible and highly dynamic basic concept of the parametric design.  The parametric concept is achieved by the use of CIM Technology (Computer Integrated Manufacturing).

For you, the customer, this means that you can choose your ideal machine size, therefore you are always “one step ahead”.


Thanks to the preferred system know how of the GEISS AG specialists our new thermoforming series T10, Ts1 as well as CNC10 cutting machines offer to the customer and user complete flexibility and an ideal cost-benefit ratio. Therefore, you receive a future-proof and cost-efficient production system, which is characterized by the highest quality, newest technology, energy efficiency and highest production speed.

Measuring systems
Robotic vs. portal machines 
Remote maintenance