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Wonach suchen Sie?

Nestled in the peaceful hills between Bamberg and Coburg lies the medieval town of Sesslach. The 'Pearl of the Coburg Shire' or the 
'World´s Most Beautiful Area' in the Upper Franconian Rothenburg, as the written about Sesslach by the Historian Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744-1803).
A walk through the tranquil alleys and streets of the old town takes you back to the middle ages. The town church of Saint Johannes is also worth a visit.  
Visitors should not miss the Franconian way of life; the local Inns entice with traditional Franconian food and locally brewed Beer.
GEISS AG has been situated in this idyllic town since its foundation in 1948. 
A close knit network of commercial representatives across six continents are served from here, enabling the supply of machines,
moulds and fixtures produced in Sesslach, to find their way into the worldwide international  markets.
A warm welcome from GEISS AG in 
Upper Franconia!