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Transparence makes satisfied customers and satisfied customers are the best reference.

For many years, we are supporting our customer flexibly and with broad knowledge as a reliable supplier and partner. We address customers from almost all plastic processing industries: Pragmatists, innovators, or people who are looking for challenges in the market.

We as an engineering company are adapting our services to the demands of our customers, because customer satisfaction is our greatest goal.

Thank you for your trust.

Your GEISS team


The T10 is a consequent tradition.

Sabine Welsch:
“A new GEISS costs money, no new GEISS costs the customers’ orders. “

Quote of Timo Toballa, CEO of Ernst Hombach GmbH & Co. KG 1/2015:
“The trust built up over many years in the partnership with GEISS and the joint SUCCESS is MOTIVATION enough for us to trust in the PERFORMANCE of each new development from GEISS.”

“Before the investment we had dealt with various suppliers. Finally the performance features of the T10 has convinced us.”
“The idea of Geiss, to develop its servo motor machines in this quality and with this accuracy and to be at the same time only slightly more expensive than the predecessor 
 model is simply fantastic.”

“The short manufacturing times of Geiss are really unbelievable.”

Quote of Michael Busch, County commissioner:
“The global player from the county Coburg has a demanded service and product spectrum.”

Quote of Martin Kremsreiter, Member of the management board of Parat 9/2015:
“Premium customers necessitate premium equipment.”


With a GEISS thermoforming machine a product variety in many sectors is possible.

Buses, trains, airplanes, trucks, caravans and mobile homes. In these markets, for example, interior trim, exterior trim, lamp covers, spoilers, seats, sun visors and wind deflectors are produced. CNC machines can also be used for post-processing of light metal and composite materials as well as cutting and milling of honeycomb materials and tractor roof sandwich components.


Interior linings, laminated parts, trunk linings, ski boxes, wheel trims, roofs, milling and cutting of carpet coverings with ultrasound.


windows, wind deflectors, fairings


Exterior panelling, shock absorbers, tractor roofs, engine hoods.


Transport pallets, intermediate layers


hard shell case, cosmetic case


Hot steam sterilizable boxes, transport pallets, cladding and housing parts of magnetic resonance tomographs.


inner container, inner doors, outer container, outer doors


Cutlery tray inserts, upholstered furniture racks, coverings


Street signs, illuminated advertising, displays.


Surfboards, bodyboards, sports shoe soles and heels, bicycle helmets, ultrasonic cutting of ski and snowboard surfaces.


Domelights, insulation products, underfloor heating, exterior construction cladding, masonry imitations, bioreactors, cellar light shafts, sewage gutters and shafts, ultrasonic cutting machines for PVC and carpet tiles


Lamp covers


Bathtubs and shower trays, shower cabins, shower enclosures, spas.