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K-Fair 2022

The latest innovation "Run MyRobot"

K-Fair 2022
After the Corona pandemic GEISS AG is really taking off at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf with its latest innovation “Run MyRobot” , which was not to be expected in this form.

      Behind this title is an automated thermoform
      GEISS presented the automation of the
      thermoforming production at K.  
      Here, the thermoforming and milling machine
      is extended by a robot and several machines
      are combined to a production line. 
      Parts handling, waste disposal or additional
      tasks can be fully automated by the robot system. The whole thing is realized through the  Siemens Sinumerik Run MyRobot Function. Separate robot controls are thus a thing of the past. Controlling the robot by means of G-code in the Cartesian coordinate system simplifies programming. 

Managing Director Wolfgang Daum explained at the trade show: 
"We are even going one step further here. The robot movements are carried out completely on a parametric basis. The end user has no contact whatsoever with robot programming. Even for starting up new products, only a component-specific parameter set has to be stored in the controller and the robot movements are automatically adapted to it."