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GEISS AG offers Thermoforming Machines of the types T10 and Ts1 which are equipped to your requirements. 

The basic machine consists of a rigid frame construction with a closed machine chamber, equipped with servo motor drives, adjustable clamp frame, automatic sheet sag control, individually controllable top and bottom heaters, swivel PC control panel, plug assist and cooling fans with water spray mist. 

A distinct advantage compared to conventional pneumatically operated systems is our newly designed drive technology with a high dynamic design.  This reduces machine cycles times by approximately 60% whilst reducing energy consumption in excess of 50%. 

Our Thermoforming Machines guarantee the processing of any new thermoplastic materials, regardless of the specification of the machine (processing in line with the material manufacturer instructions and compliance with the requirements of the material safety data sheet).








The following applies to both the type T10 and type Ts1:

  • All Machines are CE Certified
  • The Unparalleled Option List for both Types Permits any Specification and Automation


Typical additional Options could be:

  • Pre-Blow Control
  • High Performance Liquid Temperature Control Systems up to 90˚ or 150˚C, also higher Electrically
  • Durable Pyrometers for Controlling the Forming or Demoulding Temperature
  • Tool Clamp System on the Table and Plug Assist
  • Motorised Adjustable Window Plate and Clamp Frame
  • Short Size Quartz, Flash or Speedium Elements
  • Amended Process – Undercut Function
  • Fitting of Roll Feed Station or Sheet Loader

The T10 range from Geiss is the standard worldwide for larger Thermoforming Machines.

The focus is on the T10 as the most productive GEISS Thermoforming Machine.  It scores on significantly shorter cycle times and the compact design.  The construction design and large interior of the heavy-duty universal moulding machine allows for the retrofitting of all GEISS options. 

This makes the T series one of the absolute high-tech solutions in terms of Thermoforming.

Type T10

The parametric construction design allows any reasonable minimum nominal size of 1000 x 900mm upwards.  Dimensions such as 4700 x 2400mm or 3100 x 3100mm are nothing unusual and undergo the same production process.  The nominal size of the machine relates to the largest sheet size that can be formed.  The clamp edge is 20mm on each of the four sides. 

The standard tool height of 620mm can also be adjusted to suit. 

Additionally, to the above mentioned comprehensive basic and additional equipment, further options are available, such as:

  • Newly Developed Heater Elements with Higher Output
  • Pressure Form and Twin-Sheet Equipment for the Manufacture of Closed Mouldings
  • Special Equipment Package for Improved Processing of Acrylic
  • Increased Closing Force (up to 60T) with Motorised Drives
  • Automatic Tool Change Wagon



Innovation T10



Type Ts1

This series is suitable for typical thermoformed parts.  The drive technology is comparable to the ‘big sister’ the T10, designed as a servo motor drive.

Again, the parametric design applies.  From the smallest available minimum nominal machine size of 1000 x 600mm up to a maximum of 1500 x 1000mm all sizes in between are possible.

With a tool height of 450mm it meets most of the requirements of the market.

The typical options listed above are just an extract from the comprehensive list we can offer you.

We are happy to discuss your requirements in person and look forward to hearing from you.