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Company philosophy

Innovations are the maximum benefit for our customers and the company philosophy of GEISS AG

In 2000, a global leading position for the entire delivery program of the GEISS AG was aimed at under the motto “one step ahead”. Our motto "one step ahead" is at the same time also the program of process optimization around thermoforming and plastics processing.


Our company philosophy is to put our expertise, creativity and many years of experiences into maximum benefits for our customers.

This results in clear competitive advantages - thanks to improved quality assurance and productivity:

-The simple  internal structures as well as the central production- and administrative apparatus lead to a handling of all occurring work
  on a short way.

- Our team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, design engineers, programmers and further specialists actively, creatively and
  competently promote for the ptimization of your production processes.

-The machines whether, thermoforming machines, CNC post processing centers or horizontal band saws developed by GEISS are on the long
  view constantly up to date.
  The reason for this is not only the high-quality equipment but also the possibility to upgrade.
  Besides our different machines and plants, we also offer a superb service. This includes a fast response to any questions as well as
  the possibility of trainings.

- No lengthy downtimes also apply for our international customers in case of a break down.
  With us as your partner, fast spare part delivery and fault repair are always guaranteed. A network of competent and long-standing
  representatives round off our role as a global player.
  You too can benefit from our commitment, expertise and team spirit.

“One step ahead” means for us that the rim of a teacup is not our limitation!