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Through the new material “plastic” diverse and completely new production, possibilities are created. The Georg Geiss Machinenfabrik starts with the production of molds for plastic vacuum forming. Through this a new business idea is developed and the production of own thermoforming machines is started.

The company passes over gradually into the second generation with the son Manfred Geiß.
Georg Geiß as the managing director, Manfred Geiß as the technical manager and his wife, Klara Geiß, as the commercial manager successfully lead the business, which continues to grow in the 80s and finally has more than 100 employees. It is thanks to Klara and Manfred Geiß that the company developed from a small hand-built-oriented business to an efficient machine factory.

The new assembly hall, in the Industriestraße, is opened and the old work 1 is closed subsequently.
The new production site is best suited to creating better workflow and with its modern structures, it offers the best conditions for optimal production for years to come.

The company has to say goodbye to its managing director “the Boss” – when Georg Geiß passes away.
From now on Manfred Geiß (the new owner) and Klara Geiß continue to lead the company on their own account in the spirit of Georg Geiß.

Rolf Obermann founds the independent and private GEISS LLC in the US.

The business form is changed to AG.

A new production hall is put into operation

The company is passed on to the next generation. Manfred and Klara Geiß retire after 47 and 58 years of service to the company.
Klaus-Peter Welsch and Wolfang Daum continue to run the company in the spirit of the founder and the two retirees.

Another change of leadership in the AG, Wolfgang Daum becomes Chairman of the Board and Mathias Ruppert Deputy Chairman of the Board.

The company employs approximately 150 employees and 20 trainees. In more than 65 countries of the world, technical plastic parts are produced and finished on GEISS machines. These products of high quality are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications.

A record of superlatives!



In the post-war period, master carpenter Georg Geiß (+) moves from Düsseldorf in the Rhineland to Seßlach in comparatively quiet Upper Franconia. Here he and his wife Getrud founded the “Georg Geiß Maschinenfabrik” in 1948, the present GEISS AG.

For years, the company owner Georg Geiß is considered to be “the inventor from Upper Franconia”.
Up to now, the company owes much to his brilliant ideas and visions, the corresponding energy, persistence and the peculiar Geiss assertiveness.
His ideas and innovations are still valid today and are fundamental elements of the company.

Even though he was on the surface the resolute boss and master of the company, the necessary respect was always granted to him, and his employees honestly and lovingly called him “our boss”.


The first own building of the Georg Geiss Maschinenfabrik with son Manfred Geiß in front, the current owner of GEISS AG. TV screen frames for LOEWE-Opta have been produced there.


Through the cooperation with the company Vogt & Hartmann from Mainz the plastic age starts.
The building of moulds for the slowly developing markets in Europe for the vacuum forming of plastic plates is started.


Still under the name “PlastiPlast” GEISS takes part in one of the first trade fairs. Showing in the picture are the “Boss” Georg GEISS and his daughter-in-law, present member of the board, Klara Geiß.


The first factory building in the “Seßlacher Settlement” is planned and built.


The company Vogt & Hartmann stops the production of the vacuum forming machines, however, takes over the worldwide sale. Georg Geiß takes over the complete manufacturing and development of the PlastiPlast machines


This is followed by the first extension to “Werk I” with the building of the new halls and the adjacent new building for the Geiß family home.


Georg Geiß now starts to attend worldwide trade fairs, under the name “Georg Geiss”, with further developed PlastiPlast machines and own developments.


Geiss manufactures the first hydraulic surfboard systems, whereby the structural dimensions of the systems exceeded the room height of the then work II.


In 1976 Geiss has already taken over an existing company building in Seßlach and begins the reconstruction still in 1983. The former work II stood at the present company site of Geiss AG.


Georg Geiß is celebrating his 70th birthday with his family, employees and invited guests.


…and building is going on again. Opposite the former work I, work III is being built, which today is only used as warehouse.


Presentation of the first digital monitor equipped  heating control with microprocessor on the trade fair Interplas in Birmingham.


Geiss develops and delivers its first CNC trimming machine.


Hurray for the young, dynamic soccer team of the Geiss company.


The golden master craftsman’s diploma is awarded to Georg Geiß. In the picture from left: Klara Geiß, Dr. Peter Knoblich, Hans-Hermann Schilling, the jubilarian Georg Geiß and his son Manfred Geiß.


The new construction of the T6 series of thermoforming machine is presented to customers for the first time at the Kuntec trade fair in Leipzig.


At Fakuma, Geiss is presenting the new U6 series of thermoforming machine for small plate formats. For the "big brother" of the thermoforming machine of the T6 series, the new two-axis, automatic window panel adjustment was presented for the first time.


With the GEISS CNC trimming machine it is possible for the first time to trim soft materials with an ultrasonic knife – a pioneering new development.


Works I and III are abandoned and relocated to the new, 240 m long assembly hall.
The commercial and technical office, the complete manufacturing of all machines inclusive of milling and turning shop as well as the mould and tool manufacturing are now under one roof at the Industriestrße 2. Path breaking already for the company slogan “one step ahead”. 


With the series T8, a new generation of thermoforming machines in a much more compact version is released on the world market.


…and once again “one step ahead” – the GEISS AG is founded


The development in the field of CNC portal trimming machines is also advancing rapidly; the first CNC trimming machine with a laser cutter is put into operation.


The Ostbayerische Technolgie-Transfer-Institut e. V. awards Manfred Geiß the Technologie-Tranfser-Preis 2007.


With the new series T9, a thermoforming machine is launched at the market, which is outfitted with the newest Siemens control.


With the thermoforming machines of the T10 series, Geiss is placing itself worldwide way in front of the other competitors. With its compact design, electrical instead of pneumatic with servo motoric drive, faster, more energy efficient and despite all still attractively priced. The T10 of GEISS AG is leading to a downright order boom. Customer comment: “T10 is consistent tradition.”!"


The new CNC portal-trimming machine of the series CNC10 impresses through its much more compact construction and the new control offers a significantly wider range of options.


The little sister of the series T10, the TS1 series, replaces in the future the outdated U8 series and includes essentially the technical advantages of the big sister.


At the end of September, the two board members Manfred Geiß and his wife Klara left the company after 47 and 58 years respectively. Our "two newcomers" at the head of GEISS AG. Klaus-Peter Welsch and Wolfgand Daum.


GEISS AG presents itself as a company that stands for a climate-friendly future.



The Executive Board of GEISS AG was restructured, Mr Wolfgang Daum is now Chairman and Mr Mathias Ruppert acts as Deputy Chairman.


Finally, after a time plagued by Corona, the conversion of the central company building with a separate reception and training centre as well as modern meeting rooms could now be completed.