Thermoforming of the future: The T11

The T11 by GEISS represents the pinnacle of innovation in thermoforming. With innovative features and a completely redesigned user interface, it sets new standards in the industry.
As our most advanced thermoforming machine, the T11 combines highest efficiency with intuitive operation. It embodies the latest generation in GEISS development, offering unique solutions for demanding thermoforming applications.

New operating concept

The operating concept of the T11 sets new standards in combining thermoforming technology with user-friendliness. Its touchscreen interface and lifelike visualization of machine components make operation extremely easy – akin to a smartphone. Users can simply tap on the desired component to quickly and efficiently make adjustments. Inputting tool dimensions is all that’s required, and the T11 adjusts automatically – from end positions to travel paths. Customization options for displays and clear visualization of process data complement the user-friendly and intuitive experience of the T11.

Customisable heating zones

The T11 is distinguished by an advanced heating control system that allows for the setup of individual heating zones. This feature is particularly important for precise thermoforming, as it ensures optimal heat distribution according to product requirements. For complex production tasks such as multi-cavity production, this technology provides a customized solution for quality assurance.

T11 Automation: A new dimension of integration

Automation variant of the T11 offers fully integrated robot control. This feature eliminates the need for separate control systems, significantly simplifying operation. While the T11 is already impressive, the T11 Automation enhances the efficiency and flexibility of the thermoforming process through high automation capabilities.

Discover how the T11 and T11 Automation are redefining the landscape of thermoforming.

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