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375 years working hours 375 years working time by 11 employees, everything for the GEISS AG. 11 deserving …
Unfortunately only two Unfortunately only two apprentices start their apprenticeship as electronic technicians …
Business dialogue: Geiss AG, Seßlach The Coburg district administrator visits Geiss AG
PMA - Plasturgy Material Advance Représentant depuis plus de 25 ans desconstructeurs réputés de machines de thermoformage, …
Geiss AG is the largest craft company in the Coburg region. From a forge to a global company Geiss AG is the largest craft company in the Coburg …
EPLAN EEC Forum 2019 Klaus-Peter Welsch, GEISS AG
The PROFESSIONAL COMPASS, the Neue Press Coburg The machines from GEISS AG always present designers with new challenges. The …
From one generation to the next Manfred and Klara Geiß hand their life's work over to younger hands.
Thermoforming need not be expensive Smaller, cheaper but with the same quality level, the new Ts1 from Geiss.
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