Robot automation

Our system automation concept is an automation solution that enables you to expand your existing thermoforming or trimming machines with a versatile robot system or to combine several machines into a comprehensive production line.
With the Siemens SINUMERIK Run MyRobot function as an integrated robot connection, we are shaping your future: separate robot controllers are a thing of the past. Instead, the parametric control offers simple and intuitive customisation of robot movements. You will experience an unprecedented automation solution, customised to your individual needs.

Robot power

Experience how the power of Run MyRobot optimises your production processes – for outstanding efficiency.


Efficiency in
every move

We develop a customized system automation with integrated Run MyRobot function that is ideally tailored to your requirements. Rediscover the potential of your production with our robot automation.

EOAT (End of Arm Tool)

Customised gripping systems for precise component handling.

G-code control

Robot programming using Siemens SINUMERIK "Run MyRobot".

Shuttle table

Side shuttle table for automatic component transfer.

Robot integration

Versatile 6-axis robot on a linear axis.


More dynamics for your production

Robot takes over and transfers components directly to the next machine.
Clamping edge and cut-outs are automatically disposed of.
Parametric control for easy adjustment of robot movements.


at a glance

Efficient production lines

Integration of several machines into one production line.

Full Automation

Automate your production process for maximum efficiency.

Increased productivity

Automatic process for increased speed and reduced throughput times.

Consistent quality

Thanks to a precise and reliable robot system.

Simple programming

Using G-code in the Cartesian coordinate system.

Flexible customization

Parametric control for component-specific robot movements.

Potential for scaling

Individual system concepts designed according to your requirements.

Contact person

We are there for you. Everywhere. If you have any questions or need support, you can use our contact tool to get in touch directly with experts in your area to find customised solutions and clarify any unanswered questions.

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