Ultrasonic cutting machine

Ultrasonic cutting machine

The CNC 10 ultrasonic cutting machine can be used to process materials without noise and chips that are difficult or impossible to process by trimming. For example, soft foils, textiles, leather and honeycomb materials.
The parametric design of the machine allows you to optimally adapt the size and equipment of the machine to the requirements of your production. The intelligent design of the machine is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Our service team is ready to support you from the planning phase through to final commissioning so that you can realise the full potential of this innovative machine.

The key for special tasks

Discover the GEISS ultrasonic cutting machine in action and experience noise-free and chip-free precision at its best.


Precise, fast, chipless cutting with ultrasonic

Every element of the CNC 10 ultrasonic cutting machine has been designed with a focus on maximum efficiency, customisability and ease of use. From advanced ultrasonic technology to intelligent controls, this CNC machine will take your production to the next level.

Ultrasonic cutting unit

Modern technology for quiet, chip-free processing, for materials that are difficult to trim.

Central screen

Two separate processing zones in one machine. Parallel trimming and loading process.


For the portals.

Machine access

Optimal through front doors without an upper crossbeam.


Progress meets

At the cutting edge of technology – Siemens SINUMERIK ONE.
With integrated machine table for maximum precision and stability.
Safe operating mode selection for optimised operating safety.
High stiffness despite low mass ensures low drive power and excellent machine dynamics.
Effective shielding and protection of key drive components by using bellows.


at a glance

Chipless cutting

Noise reduction

Processing of difficult-to-machine materials

Highest precision in manufacturing

Achieving the highest quality standards in production

Compact machine design

Modernised appearance

Perfect parametric: No more compromises in machine size

Form follows function: Your product determines the machine form


When is the CNC 10 ultrasonic the right choice?

The CNC 10 ultrasonic cutting machine is the ideal solution for projects that require the highest precision, finest detail reproduction and advanced processing technologies. Find out how the CNC 10 ultrasonic cutting machine optimises your production processes.


Thin-walled vacuum moulded parts

The CNC 10 ultrasonic is ideal for the precise post-processing of thin-walled vacuum moulded parts, ensuring excellent attention to detail.


PVC flooring

This machine automates the cutting of PVC flooring, enabling efficient and accurate production.


Ski skins

Optimise the production of ski skins with our ultrasonic cutting machine, which enables fast and precise cuts.


Rubber parts, carpets and fleece materials

Our machine is perfect for cutting flexible materials such as rubber, carpet and fleece and fulfils various requirements.


Airbag weakening lines

The CNC 10 ultrasonic cutting machine is particularly suitable for processing safety-relevant components, such as cutting precise airbag weakening lines in vehicle components.


Honeycomb materials

Ideal for the aviation and aerospace industry, the CNC 10 enables efficient cutting of honeycomb materials with maximum precision.

Technical details

Further insights into the CNC ultrasonic

Standard (ball screw spindles) Linear motors
Speed Up to 84 m/min Up to 180 m/min
Acceleration Up to 7 m/s² Up to 15 m/s²
Machine sizes From 1000 x 600 x 310 mm From 1000 x 600 x 310 mm
Travel distances Maximum 6 m Up to 32 m
Cutting unit Ultrasonic cutting unit with additional NC axis Ultrasonic cutting unit with additional NC axis
Frequency 20 kHz 20 kHz
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Machine bed with fixed machine table as a stable foundation
Portal for the trimming head with X-, Y- and Z-axis
Trimming head with high-frequency spindle for precise trimming processes
SINUMERIK One: The latest and most powerful CNC control from Siemens for movements and trimming programmes
Control panel with touchscreen display and keypad
Machine control panel
Vacuum equipment with vacuum pump, vacuum valve and release valve
Clamping system for secure fixation of the workpiece
Protective covers for operator protection during the trimming process
Cooling system for tool and workpiece cooling
Lubrication system to reduce friction and wear on machine components
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Trimming heads and trimming spindles for a wide range of challenges
Linear motors
Additional machining processes such as cold knife cutting or laser cutting
Additional vertical axes
Automatic tool changing systems
Sideshuttle, front shuttle or rotary tables for ergonomic loading of the machine
Machine enclosure
Partition for dual-station operation
Chip and dust disposal systems
Alternative vacuum equipment for workpiece clamping
Measuring devices for various measurement and calibration tasks
Software options for additional control functions
Options for data acquisition and data logging
and much more.

Maximizing your production efficiency

We accompany you in your project from start to finish. Once you present your product to us, we work closely with you to identify the specific requirements for the CNC trimming machine and to find the appropriate equipment. Every step is focused on quality and precision to ensure that your end product meets the highest standards.
The planning phase concludes with the design of a prototype tool. Upon your approval, we manufacture your specially customized trimming machine. Our experts are by your side throughout the entire process to ensure the success of your project and provide you with first-class service.

HMI software SINUMERIK Operate

The Siemens SINUMERIK ONE control integrated into our machines sets new standards in performance and efficiency. With 30% increased NCK performance and innovative Safety Integrated Plus technology, maximum safety and ease of operation are ensured. Enhanced by modern control components such as the 19″ widescreen TFT touch display and extensive programming capabilities, it represents advanced precision and flexibility in CNC machining.
Exclusive for our customers

Contact person

We are there for you. Everywhere. If you have any questions or need support, you can use our contact tool to get in touch directly with experts in your area to find customised solutions and clarify any unanswered questions.

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