Trimming jigs

For the final cut

Trimming jigs by GEISS

Our standards go far beyond simply moulding the thermoformed part. CNC machining is already included in the design of the thermoforming moulds, supported by advanced technologies and simulations to identify collisions in advance.
Our precise trimming jigs made from specially selected materials such as aluminium or Ureol® ensure optimum processing of every thermoformed part. Combined with our decades of experience, we guarantee you the highest precision and quality in every production step.


Maximum versatility

Discover the wide range of possible applications for our customised trimming jigs. Here we present a selection of typical areas of application.


Refrigerator container

For example, our trimming jigs enable the precise and efficient production of refrigerator containers, perfectly tailored to the requirements of modern household appliances.


Sanitary products

When manufacturing sanitary products such as bathtubs and showers, our trimming jigs ensure the highest precision and quality to guarantee the design and functionality of these essential elements.


Roof boxes

For the manufacture of roof boxes, our trimming jigs offer the necessary precision and robustness to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Technical parts

From pallets and ventilation ducts to car interior panelling – our trimming jigs are designed for a wide range of technical applications to guarantee maximum efficiency and quality in production.

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