Automated manufacturing

The TT-IN-ONE from GEISS is the optimum solution for automated manufacturing. It combines the latest T11 thermoforming machine and a CNC 10 trimming machine to create a unique production solution. The centrepiece of the TT-IN-ONE is its sophisticated gantry system for parts handling, which links the thermoforming machine, the sheet loader and the CNC processing machine.
The abbreviation TT-IN-ONE stands for thermoforming and trimming in one system, in a seamless in-line production. With the help of the CNC-controlled handling gantry, the moulded part is transported safely and efficiently to the processing station. Another gantry on the same machine then takes care of the safe and clean storage of the machined part. With the automated TT-IN-ONE system, discover a production process that leaves no room for compromises.

Fusion of
moulding & machining

Discover the TT-IN-ONE from GEISS: where thermoforming and CNC machining meet in seamless, automated production.


Future of manufacturing
in a single machine

With the TT-IN-ONE you experience a seamless combination of vacuum forming and CNC trimming, optimised by an innovative gantry system for parts handling. Discover all the innovative features of our automated system.

Short heating time

Fast heating of the sheet using various types of halogen heating elements.

Stepless adjustment

Stepless adjustment of window plate and clamping frame.

Trimming spindles & heads

For a wide range of challenges.


For the portals.


Innovation meets efficiency

High stiffness despite low mass ensures low drive power and excellent machine dynamics.
Effective shielding and protection of critical drive components through the use of bellows.

Ground-mounted central fan for highly efficient cooling performance.

Space-saving machine housing for maximum utilization of the processing areas.
Piping system for maximum efficiency.
Production workflow

production process

The automated manufacturing with the TT-IN-ONE combines high-performance technology with top-notch engineering to enable a seamless and efficient production process. Experience how the fusion of forming, precise machining, and intelligent part handling elevates the productivity of your production to a new level.


at a glance

Continuous operation

The TT-IN-ONE system enables continuous operation through automation. Thanks to fast cycle times and parallel handling as well as CNC machining, it ensures efficient use and continuous production.

Increased efficiency

Fully automated manufacturing allows for efficient production by minimizing human intervention. This can reduce production times and increase overall productivity.

Cost savings

Automation reduces manual labor costs. The system can operate continuously, without the need for breaks or being subject to working hour restrictions. This leads to optimal utilization of production capacity and lowers operating costs.

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