Thermoforming systems

Machines that set new standards.

Thermoforming systems from GEISS

The thermoforming systems from GEISS, including both the T11 series and the Ts1 series, are designed specifically to meet your thermoforming requirements. With our innovative drive technology and a tailored energy concept, we surpass conventional pneumatic systems by reducing running times by approximately 60% and energy consumption by more than 50%.

Our machines are capable of processing any type of thermoplastic material, regardless of the specific machine configuration. This guarantees you a thermoforming solution that seamlessly combines speed, efficiency, and quality in the field of thermoforming.
Thermoforming systems

Efficiency in every size


The GEISS T11 thermoforming machine takes performance to a new level.


The Ts1 thermoforming machine from GEISS offers the highest precision in a compact design.

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