Thermoforming machine

T11 Thermoforming machine

The T11 represents GEISS’s cutting-edge technology in thermoforming. As our most powerful thermoforming machine, it stands out with significantly reduced machine cycle times and a compact design.

With a completely revised, touch-navigable operating concept, the T11 offers intuitive operation and simplified set-up. The design principle and the large interior of the heavy-duty universal moulding machine enable it to be upgraded with every conceivable GEISS option. This makes the T series one of the absolute high-tech solutions in terms of thermoforming.
The parametric design principle allows for any reasonable size above a minimum nominal dimension of 1000 × 900 mm. Dimensions such as 4700 × 2400 mm or 3100 × 3100 mm are no exotics but go through the usual production process. The nominal dimension of the machine describes the largest sheet size that can be processed. The clamping rim is 20 mm all around. The standard tool height of 620 mm can also be increased as desired upon request.
Advantages T11 vs. T10

The next generation of T10

New control concept:
As easy as a smartphone

The T11 stands out with its innovative and revised operating concept, uniquely combining thermoforming technology and user-friendliness. The touchscreen interface and realistic representation of all machine components make control a breeze: simply tap the desired component and adjust the settings in no time. Inputting the tool dimensions is all it takes, and the T11 takes care of the rest of the setup, from end positions to travel paths. Thanks to the newly designed heating control, it is possible to divide into specific heating zones. The customization of displays and a clear presentation of process data complete this intuitive experience.

Heating control

The T11 elevates heating control to a new level by enabling the creation of individual heating zones. By using pyrometers, the temperature of each area is precisely monitored to ensure optimal material heating. This precise heat management is tailored specifically to each product and ensures consistently high quality, which is particularly crucial for multi-cavity productions.

robot integration

The T11 Automation integrates robot control directly into the thermoforming machine, eliminating the need for separate hardware and thereby saving costs. The entire robot control is managed through the T11 HMI with automatic product data integration. This not only promotes efficiency but also offers the advantage of a single point of contact for the entire system.

The giant
in thermoforming

Discover the T11 thermoforming machine in action: Compact, efficient, and intuitive – the future of thermoforming begins here.


Power of

Experience the power of innovation with our powerful T11 thermoforming machine. As industry leaders in innovation, our features redefine efficiency and precision, setting industry standards.

Direct drive

Directly driven spindles by servomotors in all main axes.

Short heating time

Fast heating of the sheet using various types of halogen heating elements.

Sheet loader

For loading of plastic sheets for fully automatic production.

Stepless adjustment

Stepless adjustment of window plate and clamping frame.


Where technology reaches new dimensions

Easy handling through newly designed user interface.

Each element in the heaters is individually adjustable.

Ground-mounted central fan for highly efficient cooling performance.

Space-saving machine housing for maximum utilization of the processing areas.
Piping system for maximum efficiency.
Topics in focus

Interested in the T11 with automation?

T11 Automation

The perfect combination

The T11 Automation combines the top performance of the T11 with advanced robotics, revolutionizing thermoforming.


at a glance

Highest precision in manufacturing

Achieving the highest quality standards in production

Perfectly designed drive technology with optimized energy concept

Shorten machine cycle times by approximately 60%

Minimize energy consumption by more than 50%

Reduced material usage and waste through efficient production (NH)

Maximum user-friendliness through modern HMI

Turnkey solutions

High level of automation

Longevity through high product quality and the use of quality components

Easy to maintain

Numerous service offerings

Also available as pressure forming and twin-sheet equipment for the production of closed parts

Perfect parametric: No more compromises in machine size

Form follows function: Your product determines the machine form


When is the T11 the right choice?

The T11 thermoforming machine is the optimal solution for applications that require performance, precision and versatility. Discover how the T11 can make your manufacturing processes more efficient and profitable.


T11 for sanitary products

The T11 is individually configurable to perfect the production of sanitary parts. With its robust performance and our technical know-how, you can manufacture high-quality sanitary products such as bathtubs, toilet enclosures, shower trays, and shower screens with the highest quality.


T11 for automotive

The T11 thermoforming machine impresses in the automotive sector with its outstanding precision and material flexibility. This makes it ideal for the efficient production of vehicle components, interior panelling, dashboards and much more.


T11 for caravan construction

The T11 thermoforming machine stands for efficiency and precision in the production of caravan components. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, optimises space utilisation and uses advanced thermoforming technology to produce parts that meet the highest standards of comfort, stability and weight efficiency.


T11 for agricultural machinery

With the T11, you can produce exterior panelling, fenders and tractor roofs that score highly in agriculture with their robustness and functionality. The precise thermoforming process ensures the longevity of the parts, even under tough working conditions, while maintaining efficiency in the production process.


T11 for aviation

With precise temperature control, flexible settings and a robust design, the T11 thermoforming machine enables the reliable production of high-quality thermoformed components. From interior panelling to trim parts, the T11 offers the flexibility and quality required in this demanding industry.


T11 for medical technology

The T11 thermoforming machine is the ideal solution for the production of high-precision moulded parts in medical technology. With its precise control and stable design, it enables the reliable production of housings for medical devices and other moulded parts with maximum accuracy.


T11 for consumer goods

Our T11 thermoforming machine offers high flexibility, productivity and ease of operation for the production of moulded plastic parts in the consumer goods industry. With its versatile material processing, it enables the efficient production of high-quality travel cases, for example.


T11 for transport systems

In the field of transport systems, the GEISS T11 enables efficient, automated production processes for the manufacture of moulded plastic parts such as transport pallets and trays. With high speed, productivity and energy efficiency, the machine delivers customised solutions.


T11 for sporting goods

The T11 thermoforming machine offers outstanding performance in the sporting goods sector with flexible material adaptability and fast product changeovers. It enables the production of customised moulds for helmet shells and protective equipment, for example.


T11 for the advertising industry

The T11 enables the precise realisation of detailed designs at high speed. Thanks to its flexibility, visual quality and ease of use, the machine produces creative and high-quality advertising materials.


T11 for the construction industry

With its robust construction and durability, the T11 thermoforming machine fulfils the requirements of the construction industry. It is designed to produce plastic moulded parts in various sizes and shapes.

Technical details

Discover the power of the T11

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Rigid frame construction
Closed machine housing
Servo motor drives
Adjustable clamping frame
Automatic sag control
Individual heater control with quartz radiator for top and bottom heating
Swiveling PC control panel
Upper die
Cooling fans with water spray cooling
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Pre-blow controls
Powerful liquid temperature control systems up to 90°C or 160°C, electrically even higher
Robust pyrometers for controlling the forming or demolding temperature
Proven tool clamping systems and table and upper punch for fast setup times
Motor-adjustable window plates and clamping frames
Short quartz, flash, or Speedium radiators
Process-dependent programmable undercut functions
Process-dependent programmable undercut functions
Newly developed Speedium radiators with higher performance
Overpressure and twin-sheet equipment for the production of closed molded parts
Special equipment package for better acrylic processing
High closing forces (up to 60 t) with motorized drives
Automatic tool change carts
Expandable for processing 2 sheets in one cycle

Maximizing your production efficiency

Our product services offer you comprehensive support, starting with an in-depth analysis of your product. We adapt the equipment of the thermoforming machine to your specific requirements and advise you on the selection of suitable automation options. We also optimise the production process by reducing material and energy consumption and analysing the cycle time of your components. With the help of prototype production and tests, we can ensure that your desired cycle time is achieved. Let us be your partner!
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We are there for you. Everywhere. If you have any questions or need support, you can use our contact tool to get in touch directly with experts in your area to find customised solutions and clarify any unanswered questions.

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