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The Corona Virus and its impacts on the activities of GEISS AG

We are still in a lockdown-like state, COVID-19 still has a firm grip on the economic side. Supply chains are still broken, deliveries are delayed or not possible at all.
Therefore GEISS AG decided to react to this development. For this the German government supplied the tool of economic short time work. We have taken advantage of this to counteract the above-mentioned developments. For this reason we would like to ask for your understanding that there may be delays in your requests and their processing. Our employees are aware of this problem and we will all try to counteract these circumstances, because we are very concerned about you, our dear customers and partners, even in these difficult times. At this point we would also like to thank our employees, who handled this situation professionally in the sense of company.
Many thanks to all and stay well!


With our competent and innovative experience in the production of plastic processing and post processing machines, we have been actively working in the worldwide market for over 70 years.
As the market leader in Vacuum Forming Technology, we continuously invest in drive technologies and efficiency concepts. Not only does this reduce machine cycle times by approximately 60%, but the relating energy consumption is also reduced by more than 50%. With our around 160 strong workforce, and a state of the art modern manufacturing facility, 30 Worldwide representatives and service support, we provide a customer focused and expert representation.

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