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Horizontal band saws have been part of our portfolio since 1962 and are available in various sizes and specifications.


To date there are presently in excess of 500 band saws in operation worldwide.


These band saws are perfectly suited in combination with our sheet loader machines and are easily integrated into production lines.  Examples of application areas for horizontal band saws are the trimming of vacuum formed parts and the cutting of foam blocks into slices.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Automatic Endless Conveyer Belt Feed
  • Slanted Cut
  • Steplessy Adjustable 1:5 Feed Ratio
  • Swarf Removal

The basic GEISS Horizontal Band Saw includes the following:

  • Designed with Guide Rollers
  • Centrically located Guide Wheel, should only part of the Band Width be used
  • The Standard Machine Colour is Light Grey RAL 7035


The Horizontal Band Saw has undergone testing by the Wood Trade Association
All machines in this series are CE certified

Depending on requirements, GEISS Horizontal Band Saws are available in a variety of sizes and specification between 600 and 2250mm cutting width.

Our saws used to be produced as a stationary machine; however, there are scopes in which a fundamental mobility is necessary.

In order to equip the horizontal band saws perfectly for your purpose, we offer different additional equipment:

  • Under construction for level-adjustment between forming machine and saw. Note: This option does not include the connection with the thermoforming machine.
  • Knife sharpening device to sharpen used saw blades. They are put into action by simply swinging it in.
  • Dust/Swarf extraction at the saw blade and the conveyor belt
  • Adhesive vacuum for sucking formed parts through a perforated conveyor belt
  • Special colours, different from our standard
  • Minimum quantity lubrication system to improve the cutting quality
  • Noise-insulation hood to reduce noise emissions. The noise reduction is around 4db.
  • Additional hold-down clamp, to hold the molded part flat.

Horizontal Band Saw Cut Height

All horizontal band saws cut height can be individually adjusted.