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With the StateMonitor
you always have the current status of your machines at a glance. It provides a real-time view of the production status of your machines. 
In the machine park view of the StateMonitor you receive an up-to-date status report at any time and can react quickly in case of interruptions.



You have the possibility to access programme running times and machine messages worldwide via mobile 
devices and get an immediate overview of the status of your machinery. 

The StateMonitor is a possibility of evaluation and graphical representation 
of the machine parameters provided of the OPC UA interface.

The software records:
   ·      Current operating mode and machine messages
   ·      Programme status and override position
   ·      Active job
   ·      Machine states of the last three days

By visualising the machine states using different types of diagrams you have the effectiveness of 
your machines at a glance and can thus optimise more efficient production. 


·      Active notification for defined machine     messages
·      Error message via mail, e.g. maintenance

Job Terminal
·      Create and assign jobs
·      Booking of set-up or production times

    Graphical visualisation of various parameters for a detailed cycle overview
·      Temperature curve during heating
·      Temperature curve during cooling 

Through an OPC - UA - interface, the machine makes various machine parameters available for retrieval.
·      Machine status
·      Piece counter
·      Operating hours
·      Cycle time counter
·      Energy values    

There is the possibility of adding to the list of signals provided with parameters 
that are decisive parameters for the customer.
The evaluation and further processing of the signals is entirely up to the customer.
Even older machines can provide  machine parameters through additional hardware.


With an already existing system there is the possibility, in cooperation with the customer to work out a 
specification sheet in which interfaces and the integration of the machine into the system are clearly
efined in order to ensure communication between order and production level.